Nutribio expands it’s manufacturing capacity for it’s milk replacer premixture business

Nutribio has been working with milk replacer companies for over 20 years. It was important for us to realise from the start the importance of solubility as a decisive factor in the quality of the premixture. It is critical at a farm level when the milk replacer is mixed that there is no sedimentation at the bottom of the bucket. A contributing cause to this sedimentation could be the solubility of the premixture. Another undesirable effect the premixture may have on the finished product is any taint effect on both colour and organoleptic properties.  To avoid this, it is essential to assess each raw material in the formulation and determine their solubility, working with our own suppliers in identifying water-soluble raw materials. Over the years, our technical team has had a strong focus on researching raw material quality for its solubility and turbidity. We work closely with our supplier to ensure our own internal quality standards are met.

We also communicate with our customers to identify their requirements and provide tailor made formulations. It is the flexibility that we provide as well as our robust quality system of which we are proud of that we believe is attractive to our customers and new business. We are also fortunate to have a group of enthusiastic people who form part of our team and contribute to the consistency of our service to our customers. It is this enthusiasm for the industry that we contribute added value to our services. We help our customers with identifying innovations in the industry, new packaging concepts or access to new markets. This is influential in collaborations for both parties to keep up to date with an industry that is continuously evolving in available technologies, consumer demands and regulatory policies. These are all essential elements for our business to grow. Thanks to our experience in the last ten years, developing our contract manufacturing and milk replacer premixture business the decision was made as part of Nutribios strategic growth to invest in a new manufacturing plant. The new plant is based in Wallingstown, Co Cork, Ireland will be fully dedicated to performance nutrition and water-soluble premixtures for the milk replacer industry. The plant will operate under a GMP+ Quality Certification and bring our current capacity of around 750 tonnes a year to 2,500 tonnes a year. With this, we hope to continue providing our services to our current customers as well as expand our presence in the European market.