Collaborative Innovation

We believe that it is through cooperation, that truly transformative innovations can be realised. And our unique approach to co-innovation has enabled us to create real competitive advantage for clients, which has been a key driver of our own global success in recent years.

Central to our strategy, has been to create a robust framework and processes that facilitate safe and fair collaboration.

Our system clearly tracks and assigns ownership of ideas and Intellectual Property throughout the development, through our Trade Secrets database.

And enables our clients to securely access the full depth of our shared knowledge across the CAHL group – including experts in animal nutrition, fertility, veterinary pharmacology and hygiene.

Our team stays informed with the latest regulations and compliance issues in animal nutrition, through committee involvement in both National (The Irish Grain and Feed Association) and European (European Feed Manufacturers Federation) trade associations.

And we regularly attend scientific conferences and collaborate with leading Research Institutions for continuous education. This ensures Nutribio can use the latest technologies in animal health to develop new solutions for our customers in the agricultural sector.

Collaboration in action in Kenya

A collaboration between Nutribio, Norbrook and Kenyan dairy farmers resulted in the development of Milk Booster Nutrilick to improve milk production for all farmers.

See how it has successfully increased the daily yield per cow per day by 2 litres (approx. 600 litres more milk per cow, per year) at a cost-effective return for the farmer.

And this is only the beginning. Our ongoing collaboration involves a study on the growth rates of calves in Kenya. Our hope is that we can create even more value for farmers, by getting calves to a weaning weight earlier than is currently being achieved.