Our Own Brand Ranges

As well as contract manufacturing products for some of the world’s leading animal nutrition companies, we also manufacture extensive, premium quality own brand ranges that are distributed via our sister brand Cooperative Animal Health. They include:

ImmuBoost Range

A premium range of complementary vitamin, mineral and trace element supplements, scientifically formulated to boost immunity, fertility and health status for all ruminants – improving animal performance and farm profitability.


A complete liquid trace element solution, that is easy to administer via drinking water and maximises animal health and fertility.

Rumen Buffers

Our Nutri-Sac product improves feed efficiency and digestibility, and our Nutri-Buff options offer PH balancing, feed intake, DCAD optimised prebiotics.

If you’d like to find out more about purchasing and stocking our Nutribio own brand range of products, get in touch with the team at Cooperative Animal Health on +353 59 915 1251 or email kphelan@cahg.ie