Nutribio is founded on cooperation.

Working together to achieve a common goal and helping others to achieve the best results is quite literally embedded into our DNA.

Based in southern Ireland, we were formed in 1998, by our parent company – CAHG. From the outset, our purpose was clear – to provide better quality contract manufacturing solutions for animal nutrition products.

Proudly owned by Glanbia and Dairygold, CAHG was itself created as a joint venture between two of Ireland’s largest agri-businesses almost 50 years ago.
And makes our Nutribio team, third generation collaborators.

Together with our sister CAHG brands, Cooperative Animal Health and Animal Health Distributors, this has fostered the…

… accumulation of a unique depth of animal health knowledge
… creation of some of the most effective science-based solutions on the market, and … delivery of service levels that go above and beyond for our clients.

It is what has made Nutribio the trusted blender and contract manufacturer of choice for some of the largest animal nutrition, veterinary and biotechnology companies, globally.

And a uniquely safe pair of hands, for global leaders to entrust their unique recipes and brand reputations to.