Outsourcing Contract Manufacturing Services?

Want Contract Manufacturing Services that Match Your Business Needs? When considering outsourcing manufacturing, you need a company with in-depth experience, integrity, and the correct team and equipment to make your objectives a reality.

A great and long-term relationship with your contract manufacturer allows saving money on capital costs such as manufacturing facilities and production equipment. Additionally, it helps simplify the supply chain side of your business by concentrating the purchasing of multiple raw materials and suppliers to one supplier. This allows shifting your investments to sales and marketing as well as research and development.

Two important things to consider are quality and intellectual property management.

Trusting in a contract manufacturer means passing on the responsibility of ensuring quality standards to a third party. Standard operating procedures, quality controls and quality assurance measures ensure the product meets quality standards as if you had made it in house. Integrity is a key point to discuss ensuring your product is in a safe pair of hands and stringent quality standards are met.

The same principle applies to your intellectual property. Intellectual property provides your company with a unique selling point in the market. It is also a considerable investment to create that USP, due to trial and error as well as proving your formulation works. Therefore, it is important the contract manufacturer realises the value of intellectual property for your business and protects it as is it’s own. Same as a quality audit would be carried out to assess a contract manufacturer, consider auditing how they manage intellectual property.

Nutribio has more than 25 years of experience in the animal nutrition premixture and complementary feed manufacturing industry. Our dedicated team are experienced in providing a full contract manufacturing service with a robust quality system to ensure standards are met. Our new manufacturing plant operating under GMP+ is designed taking into account our years of experience.

Our contract manufacturing solutions include:

  • Raw material sourcing.
  • Mixing and blending custom formulations for animal nutrition including soluble and non-soluble.
  • Assistance with innovations in the industry, product development and formulation.
  • Prototyping new formulations.
  • Sourcing packaging and labelling suitable to your business.
  • Delivery and export documentation to your chosen destination.
  • Intellectual property protection.

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