Good Communication; Crucial for Success.

Communication with your contract manufacturer is key

Good communication is crucial for success when working with a contract manufacturer. A contract manufacturer needs to be considered as an extension of your enterprise and as a key player in the effectiveness of your business model. Therefore, the importance given to communication within your organization should also be applied in your relationship with your contract manufacturer. As well as see evidence that they have a good communication etiquette within.

Good communication skills will drive organization efficiency between both partners as it will allow setting the status quo early on. Product specifications, manufacturing capacity, lead times, quality system and standard operating procedures are just examples of different factors that need to be communicated and established to meet the expectations of both parties. This allows for transparency at the beginning of the relationship and ensures the start of a long-term relationship. Honesty is key for expectations to be met, addressing issues and effective troubleshooting to achieve results to benefit both companies. For smooth communication, different tools need to be in place. This includes written such as contracts, emails and standard operating procedures and verbal through meetings and phone calls.

An example within Nutribio is our new product set-up form where all requirements for manufacturing a product are captured. This allows the customer to compile all the information and any member within our team to be able to read and understand how to make the product. Intellectual property and our in house triple lock system ensure this information is kept confidential throughout the process.

At Nutribio we know the importance of communication within our company and with our customers. Being in the contract manufacturing business for over ten years has taught us honesty and transparency are key to ensuring we continue being a safe pair of hands for your business. Ensuring product specification, quality standards and lead times are all met.

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For more information Contact Us or a member of Our Team. Strong communication will create understanding between both companies and create a powerful long term business relationship.