How to research a contract manufacturer

Veterinary pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies in the animal feed space are spending significant time and resources on the research and development of complementary feeds with nutraceutical applications for animal nutrition and health. There is also the subsequent investment in marketing and sales to launch the product to market. Regarding manufacturing options available, there are two choices, either to manufacture internally or outsource the manufacturing to an experienced contract manufacturer, but there is no straightforward way of choosing a contract manufacturer, however, several considerations can be taken into account to help with the decision making.

Quality and certifications.
  • The best partner will have standard operating procedures and testing protocols in place to ensure that quality goes beyond regulatory requirements. Ensure they have continuous monitoring and process flow in their manufacturing to ensure raw material and finished product homogeneity meet your quality requirements. It is also important for their quality scheme and certifications to be aligned with your companies’ objectives.
  • It is critical to know from the start the capacity and throughput the contract manufacturer can handle. This is important to match with your needs to supply the market as well as account for future growth.
  • The value of experience in any industry ensures success by recognizing problems early and knowing exactly how to overcome them. Know-how also ensures standard operating procedures are in place based on knowledge and experience.
Transparency and communication.
  • Choosing a contract manufacturer is a strategic partnership and as a relationship, it needs to be based on trust, communication and strategic alliance. Communication at every step from the onset is essential to ensure a long-lasting relationship between both parties.
Intellectual Property management.
  • Formulations that you have invested money in researching and developing are valuable intellectual property. By entrusting this information to a contract manufacturer, it is important to know beforehand how a contract manufacturer manages confidential information and the systems they have in place to protect it.
Global Supply Chain.
  • A good contract manufacturer should have an excellent global network of suppliers to ensure the security of the supply chain and the best price to match the quality of a product for you to remain competitive in the market.
  • The cost can give you an idea of the savings that can be achieved and compare to the investment required to manage the production internally.

When it comes down to choosing a contract manufacturer, ensure due diligence and research is done beforehand to reach the right decision. Contract manufacturing can benefit a business in many different ways, and a strategic alignment between both parties can maximize these.

When you partner with Nutribio Ltd for the contract manufacturing of complementary feeds and nutraceuticals in the animal nutrition industry, your product and reputation are in a safe pair of hands.


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