Our experience on how collaboration drives innovation

Innovation is one of our company’s strategy pillars. It is at the core of our business to conceptualize, troubleshoot and rethink new products, processes and ideas to approach our existing way of operating. We do not only limit this to our product portfolio but also seek to implement innovation in a cross-departmental way within our company to improve efficiency.

A key process we have identified that drives innovation is collaboration, not only within our company but also within our ecosystem with suppliers, customers, research institutions and public bodies. We realise as a company we are not an island and to succeed it is necessary for us to communicate and interact with the outside world to generate and drive new ideas.

Collaboration brings two or more parties together with different problems, ideas and experiences in a space where these can be associated and result in an innovative combination. Somebody’s half idea can be combined with another person’s half experience to create a joint solution for a problem. It can also speed up the process of innovation as the problems, challenges and solutions are better defined and understood when there is a wider variety of input. We continuously see this happen within our environment where different perspectives allow for better brainstorming.

However, collaboration does come with challenges such as differences in priorities between parties, conflict management and hoarding information. These can be overcome through communication, trust and NDAs.  The first two would be your soft skills that improve the flow of information and help the generation of ideas. The latter is more of a legal requirement to create a safe space for sharing ideas. For this reason, we are always seeking to establish long-term relationships based on trust.

As an animal health and nutrition company as well as a contract manufacturer we have had various experiences over the years collaborating with external parties to drive innovation. Whether it is new product development, manufacturing improvements, supply chain efficiency or opening new markets we are always open for discussions and collaboration.


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