Intellectual Property Management

One of the biggest drivers of our considerable international growth in recent years, is down to our own secret ingredient here at Nutribio – our innovative management of Intellectual Property.

Specifically, trade secrets.

Our development of a trade secret database and implementation of robust IP processes with a Triple Lock System and training across formulation, compliance and purchasing teams – has allowed us offer, a uniquely safe pair of hands for the manufacture of ingredients and products.

And an even safer space for collaborative innovation, with a system that seamlessly tracks and assigns ownership of trade secrets – ours, clients and other innovation partners.

It is a unique structure that protects valuable ideas and concepts, with easy visualisation for reporting and analysis.

And fosters the creation of new and better solutions through safe and fair collaboration.

Our IP Journey

Learn more about our IP Journey – from the development of our trade secret database to the upskilling of staff and corresponding culture change within Nutribio – in this video from our technical manager, Ian Hutchinson.