The Importance of a Robust Quality System

The Importance of a Robust Quality System

Quality has a direct effect on company performance and customer satisfaction. In its most basic definition, quality is manufacturing in conformance to a specification. However, it is much more complex in a manufacturing setting to monitor and control the various variables involved to consistently manufacture to specification.

A quality system can be divided into quality assurance and quality control. Quality assurance aims to risk assess and predict potential issues so as to prevent them before a product manufacturing and delivery. Based on the findings, controls are put in place along the manufacturing process to avoid mishaps. For example, assessing a raw material and supplier before a purchasing decision is made in order to reduce raw material variability, or having a checklist in production that must be filled out by the operator to ensure a step is not forgotten. Quality control are a number of tests in place along the process flow to ensure quality assurance is being met and that the product complies with the specification.

A quality system enforces the use of validated processes and approved materials to meet quality standards. This includes every aspect of a manufacturing process from purchasing raw materials & packaging, validating equipment, training staff, manufacturing, storage and dispatch. A series of controls are put in place at each stage to ensure traceability, consistency and identify the root of a cause early on to put in place corrective and preventive actions. This establishes a system where each step is executed correctly with complete traceable data and allows a business to react to deviation and failure analysis, root cause identification in the process, quarantine and final disposition of the identified product.

Nutribio has been in the premixture and complementary feed space for over 25 years. We understand the implications and multiplying effect product failure can have on our customers business. Our robust quality system has been developed and improved over the years based on our experience and that of our qualified staff. Working with animal feed, milk replacer and veterinary pharmaceutical companies has allowed us to continually improve our quality system to meet the product consistency required by each customer. Our GMP+ quality system in our new contract manufacturing plant is a strategic pillar of our growth as a company.

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